Here is the link to some music:

Mrs Furlong is teaching us about a land far far away called Australia.   We can’t believe there are so many interesting animals living there like kangaroos and koalas.  Mrs Furlong said that we could not keep a crocodile for a pet because they would not be nice to cuddle  ahhhh……  We made boomerangs in school and we listened to how a digeridoo sounds. (the link is above)  We saw a picture of Ayers Rock and we could not believe it looks red.

We learned all about the national flag of Australia and Teacher showed us a picture of the beautiful Sydney Opera House.  WOW!!!!!

We have so much more to learn.  IT IS A VERY BIG PLACE………..

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We hope you like our pictures.

Preparations for Proclamation Day 2016

Pupils in Rang 2 are working hard to prepare for Proclamation Day on 15th March 2016 !

All pupils are learning the words of the following selection of songs;

The foggy Dew         Óró sé do bheatha bhaile     Irish Soldier Laddie

Grace                       Boolavogue        

Tá ” Ceoltóirí SN Ráithín ” ag cleachtadh agus ag úllmhú na hamhraín seo a leanas do Lá na Furóga freisin;

Roddy McCorley, Kelly the Boy from Killane, The Boys of Wexford, Boolavogue, and Four Green Fields  

Ceoltóirí SN Raithín -Ellen Duggan, Aoife Murphy, Adam Cullen, Nathan Dobbyn, James Cullen, Jessie O'Sullivan, Tomás Bolger and Luke Cullen

Ceoltóirí SN Raithín -Ellen Duggan, Aoife Murphy, Adam Cullen, Nathan Dobbyn, James Cullen, Jessie O’Sullivan, Tomás Bolger and Luke Cullen

We’re also practicing our Irish céilí dancing steps – The Walls of Limerick ( Falla Luimní) and The Siege of Ennis ( Íonsaí na hÍnse) !


Go Noodle Champion Certificate!

Congratulations to 3rd and 4th Class, who have reached level 5 with their GoNoodle Champion Bart Reynolds! They had a great time dancing their way to fitness and waking up their minds with GoNoodle’s fun activities over the last few months!

Tomorrow we will chose a new champion and continue to have great fun with our GoNoodle class activities! Well done boys and girls!

Gonoodle image 1

Ms Furlong’s Class – The Safe Cross Code

This week we are learning all about the safe cross code.  Ms Furlong is teaching us a great song and we are learning the actions to go with it.  Ms Furlong said that we all need to learn how to cross the road properly so that we can stay safe for our Mammies and Daddies.   Even though we are learning how to cross the road safely, we are just too little still to cross the road all by ourselves.  Our Teacher told us that she learned this song when she was a little girl which wasn’t that long ago………. here it goes….. all together now


1   look for a safe place

2   don’t hurry stop and wait

3   look all around and listen before you cross the road remember

4  let all the traffic pass you

5  then walking strainght across you

6  keep watching ‘that’s the safe cross code………The safe cross code