Autumn Arrangements


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Mrs. Quigley’s first and second class finished their study of trees, leaves and autumn activities by making their own Autumnal arrangements last week!

Using leaves, flowers, fruit,  oasis, and wire the children brought in some fabulous foliage from their own gardens and tastefully created their own individual designs.

They took their work home and seemed to be very happy with their own handy work as the

photographs show!!




Preparations for the 1916 Centenary Celebrations

3rd and 4th Class have been working very hard preparing for the centenary celebrations of the 1916 Rising. They have learnt all about Ireland’s history and the days of the rising, as well as the executions that followed.

They completed amazingly detailed ‘newspaper’ reports of the events of the rising and made the most beautiful portraits of the seven signatories of the proclamation. Check out some of these portraits in the gallery here!

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