Field Trip: National Heritage Park

Third and Fourth Class took a fantastic trip to the National Heritage Park in County Wexford on the 14th of September. We spent the morning learning about the early settlers in Ireland, the first farmers, The Stone Age, The Bronze Age, Celtic Ireland, Early Christian Ireland and the Vikings. We investigated replicas of ancient structures, exploring how our ancient ancestors lived and worked.


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We were very lucky with the weather, the sun shining for the entire trip. It was a great day out of the classroom and a great way to finish off learning about The Stone Age and Bronze Age in Ireland.

For more pictures from the day, click here!

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Senior School Tour

On June 9th, the senior classes went on their school tour to Co. Kilkenny.

We visited Castlecomer Discovery Park and Dunmore Caves for a very exciting, sometimes scary, and tiring day. The weather was wonderful, if not too humid. We arrived at the centre at twenty to ten and were immediately met by the wonderful guides at the park. 3rd and 4th class began their day with the Tree Top Walk, which proved to be a real challenge for some of us, but everybody put on a brave face and made it through the obstacle course in the trees.

20160609_103047 20160609_105100 Next we went to the boating lake where we were given the choice of exploring the water in pedal boats or canoes. Most tried both. Some groups took to the water like ducks, others managed to run into the reeds more often than not. We had a picnic lunch by the lake before a wild orienteering race through the forest. It was very tricky and the map was hard to read at times, but everybody found their way eventually.

20160609_122039 20160609_123929 20160609_124519

Following a quick stop in the shops in the Discovery Park we got back on the bus and travelled to Dunmore Caves. It was only ten minutes away. We watched a video all about how the caves were formed, the legends and myths about the caves, its strange and scary history and the important finds made in the cave. Then we descended the huge steps into the caves with our guide who brought us to all the cool areas and caverns inside, including the fairy floor and the cathedral. We saw loads of Stalagmites and Stalactites. Sometimes they looked like different things. One looked like a buffalo. When we were in the back of the cave the lights were turned off for about twenty seconds and it went absolutely dark. There was no light at all. Some of us found that very scary.

20160609_152936 20160609_155151

We climbed over 700 steps walking throughout the cave, and even though it was lovely and cool inside the cave, only 9 degrees, the heat hit us when we got out. We were all exhausted by the time we climbed back on the bus, but everybody had a great day!

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