Exciting Science Workshop

We were very lucky to host a science workshop today in Raheen! 2nd to 6th class had a wonderful time taking part in cool and different experiments using electricity and circuits, chemicals, air and water! Our mad professor for the day was great fun and made everyone laugh! Take a look at the pictures below to see some of the fun we had!

Entertainment – ” Trolls “

Rang 1 and 2 have been busy with the theme of ” Entertainment ” in recent weeks .

Having studied the terms ” dialogue”, “prompt”, “applause”, “costumes” and “audience”, we decided to make our own theatres from cereal boxes and pieces of material.

We took our recent trip to see the movie ” Trolls” as our inspiration for writing and performing our own mini plays in our classroom !

Take a look at some of our box theatres and characters !

Photos – “All about that Baby “

A big thank you to Mary Browne ( Brownes Photography – New Ross) for sending us these beautiful photos, which were taken on Thursday night, 15th December 2016.

Raheen national school nativity concert ‘All About That Baby’ in Raheen hall.Photo;Mary Browne

Raheen national school nativity concert ‘All About That Baby’ in Raheen hall.Photo;Mary Browne

” All about that Baby “

The community hall in Raheen was packed to capacity on Thursday night, 15th December, as the children of Raheen N. S. presented their extraordinary Christmas concert. During the first half of the show the children rocked the house with lively renditions of Rock ‘n roll, pop, and Disney classics from their recent “ Sing out Loud” experience.  Each class presented a festive poem, and it was concluded with a Christmas medley. The modern  musical “ All about that Baby” was  then presented, under the musical direction of Ms. Bernie Murray Ryan.

The show was created by American Christine Semsen

and to the school’s knowledge, it was an Irish premier !

All 126 pupils in the school were involved in the production which boasted some beautiful songs , and some sterling performances by the senior pupils.The musical was set in Bethlehem just two days before Jesus was born. It had a non-traditional twist, as it featured very cool, talking sheep! Of course, the human characters in the story never heard the sheep talk, so two different perspectives on events preceding the birth of Christ were revealed during the show.

The school would like to acknowledge the work and dedication of Ms. Bernie Murray Ryan in leading the show, Mr. Bill Murray for stage / sound management and Ms. Mary  Howlett for ticket organisation , and of course the children for their infectious enthusiasm.

Well done everyone!


Welcome back

Welcome back to school everybody.  We hope that you had a wonderful and relaxing Halloween break.

We are now preparing for Winter and Mr. Jack frost is already doing the rounds.

Therefore, it is important to wear your winter woollies every day and eat lots of hot food so that you don’t get sick.